Get ready for Winter


Many agencies have for a number of years developed Winter Plans in an effort to co-ordinate and provide their response during this period.
The National Health Service is well versed in planning especially in respect of vulnerable people and social care.

Local Authorities too are acutely aware of their responsibilities and the need for continuance of its core services in potential severe weather.

The winter months bring with it winter weather that can lead to flooding, snow and icy conditions on our roads and footpaths. With a little bit of time and effort you can ensure you survive the winter months and look forward to the summer.

In the event of severe wetaher near you, it is important that you follow the emergency advice Go In, Stay In, Tune In.




Go in, Stay in, tune in

How you can Prepare

More in How to Prepare

Police and fire officers on a training exercise

How we Prepare

Part of our preparation includes regular training exercises where we bring together all of the agencies in a staged situation. This lets us practise co-ordinating our response so that we can act quickly and effectively should a real emergency occur.

        Man with shovel in snow 

Get ready for Winter

The weather as we know can be very much unprdictable.After a hot summer we find ourselves preparing for Winter.
Driving a car , or any other vehicle in snow or ice requires skill and consideration. Many drivers are un-prepared for winter conditions.

For details check out our Winter Advice area of the site.